Tour de France

Discover 2h00 wines FR/EN
A 2 hour “tour de France” of wines! In 6 wines, understand how to decrypt the wines of France, how to read labels, what an “appellation” is.
A guide to beginning to identify what you like in French wine and how to go forward to buy wines that please you, keeping in mind that there are plenty of expensive wines that you may not like, and plenty of great wines that are very reasonably priced.
Learn how to tell the difference!
The 5 benefits of this course:

  • Understanding what the great regions of France offer and how they differ.
  • Learn the right vocabulary to talk about the wine… and how to tie it to its region of origin.
  • Taste 6 wines from different regions, all of excellent quality
  • An interactive course where exchange is encouraged.
  • Offered in French or English.

Personalize this formation
We can work together to select the wines you will taste, focus on specific regions or make other changes to meet your reqirements. All of our courses can be customised to your needs, whether for private groups or professionals. Contact us by phone, mail or drop by to discuss your needs.